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Morning Declarations with Fammeya Yelebe   Leave a comment

• You will walk faster;
• You will run successfully;
• You will soar higher;
• You will go further;
• You will sing better;
• You will dance better;
• You will laugh as the best;
• You will be dignified as the first;
• You will be celebrated as a star;
• You will shine brighter;
• You will grow bigger;
• You will Excel beyond measure;
• You will succeed effortlessly;
• You will see Goodness and Mercies;
• You will see positive outcome in your pursuits;
• You will not be limited;
• You will not see bankruptcy;
• You will fulfil your purpose;
Your potential will no longer be capped but tapped and harnessed;
• Your life will be a living inspiration to many,
• Your brain will work better;
• Your brain children will take rule over your world;
• Your productivity will stretch further and it will know no bound;

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Morning Declaration with Fammeya Yelebe   Leave a comment

The healing of God is the cure for Rejection and abandonment. Gods healing is the pathway to flourishing.
And I decree this day, God will usher you into a new season of Divine proofs and Healing!

God will align you with divine program and plans this season in the name of Jesus!

Type Amen to claim it.
Good Morning

Posted May 13, 2017 by Fammeya Yelebe in declaration

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