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Morning Declarations with Fammeya Yelebe   Leave a comment

• You will walk faster;
• You will run successfully;
• You will soar higher;
• You will go further;
• You will sing better;
• You will dance better;
• You will laugh as the best;
• You will be dignified as the first;
• You will be celebrated as a star;
• You will shine brighter;
• You will grow bigger;
• You will Excel beyond measure;
• You will succeed effortlessly;
• You will see Goodness and Mercies;
• You will see positive outcome in your pursuits;
• You will not be limited;
• You will not see bankruptcy;
• You will fulfil your purpose;
Your potential will no longer be capped but tapped and harnessed;
• Your life will be a living inspiration to many,
• Your brain will work better;
• Your brain children will take rule over your world;
• Your productivity will stretch further and it will know no bound;

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