Rebuild the Broken Alter   3 comments

Anchor Text: I Kings 18:24,30-38
By Fammeya Yelebe

• Whenever a life abandons God, the alter becomes broken down. The alter needs to be repaired to gain back lost momentum, glory and power.
• Broken alters produces broken systems; broken systems bankrupt the system from experiencing God’s fullness and divine proofs.
• Stagnation and rustiness becomes evident and visible in a life were broken alters are in charge.
• A broken alter cannot command God’s fire, glory, presence and power. Broken alters break down connection power with God. It hinders God’s move of revival, transition, and rebranding.
• When God’s fire falls on an alter, rebranding emerges. Fire is God’s nature that possesses a life for greater exploits.
• Exploits effects record breaking.
Revival will never emerge, it’ll remain an illusion not a reality, until broken alters are fixed. Once there is a broken fellowship with God, showers of revival will cease and disasters are bound to continue.

• Repairing the broken alter implies reviving the faith. A fire brand life is that which can command instant proofs of the supernatural in the now!
• Firefulness activates resoluteness, fearlessness, boldness, audacity and courage to confront what other mortal men fear.
• Firelessness produces uselessness in a system. Fire is the key that makes a life advance God’s plans and push His agenda unto victory.

° Oh Lord, ignite your fire in my bones; this fire must not go out in my life.
° Father rekindle the lost passion for you in my soul and spirit, I want to burn for your will and glory.
© Fammeya Yelebe


3 responses to “Rebuild the Broken Alter

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  1. Very deep thoughts here!😉🌸 Looking forward to reading 📖 more on this space. Blessings, Tonye🙏🏼🌸@

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